The first Pinterest marketing membership designed for online entrepreneurs.

Pinterest PowerUp

Join the first Pinterest Marketing Membership designed for online entrepreneurs.

Instead of barely maintaining your workflow and knowledge about a handful of platforms, you’ll get in-depth training, community, and support for the platform that gives your business the best return on investment.

Don't Really Understand Pinterest For Business? START HERE

If you don't really "get it" when it comes to how Pinterest works, or you're not sure if Pinterest will work for your business in particular, this is where you need to start.
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The 90-Day Pinterest Success Roadmap [free]

THE 90-DAY PINTEREST SUCCESS ROADMAP A simple workbook to guide you step-by-step - easy, effective, fool-proof.
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The Pinterest Success Roadmap [full course]

THE 90-DAY PINTEREST SUCCESS ROADMAP Includes: +full course workbook +instructional videos for each step +troubleshooting and tech help/links +community help/support
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9 Things Your Social Media Manager Should Be Doing

Managing a brand's social media entails far more than posting funny memes on Facebook or sales and specials info. If you are paying someone to help you with social media and that is all they really do, please consider showing them the door. The 5 minutes or less it takes to post on a Facebook page is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media management. Here's some insight into what it takes to run a brand's social media presence successfully - all wrapped up in a nice, pretty eBook for you. Detailed and ready for you to put into action.
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Pinterest + Entrepreneurship Resource Library

Quick wins with Pinterest!
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Content Planning for Rockstar Solopreneurs

Content Planning for Rockstar Solopreneurs: Easy steps to focus, get ahead, and save time. Day 1: Planning the Big Rocks in Your Content Calendar Day 2: Filling in Your Content Calendar in 30-90 Day Blocks Day 3: Picking Social Media + Digital Marketing Platforms for Your Content Day 4: Creating the Elements of a Digital Marketing Content Funnel
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Opt-In Awesomeness

A system to build your list so you can convert signups to sales!
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Hey Rockstar - I'm Cara!

I’m a Pinterest Marketing Strategist for Online Entrepreneurs.

I started in social media marketing in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worldwide band. I won’t tell you the band here, but if you’re into 90’s metal, we should be friends.

Since then, I’ve gone on to create hashtag campaigns for cities and their tourism boards, websites for entertainers and small businesses, and provided one-to-one services and support for small business’ digital marketing.

A couple of years ago, I had a major ah-ha moment with Pinterest. I knew that I not only loved using the platform personally (read: on the couch at night pinning bathroom remodel ideas), but it was the #1 traffic driver for my own business and my clients.

I realized I could take Pinterest marketing to a whole new level if I specialized in the platform and went all in.
So I did.

I love creating Pinterest strategies that fit into the digital marketing puzzle of your business.

For me, it’s about teaching my fellow entrepreneurs how to think critically and create a digital marketing plan - a real, honest to goodness sales funnel - that starts with Pinterest.

I want everyone else to feel that sigh of relief that you don’t have to do all the things - you just have to do the right things.