Batching Content Planning System by Cara Chace

Batching Content Planning System


Get a Back Stage Pass into the exact process I use to batch all my content 4x per year! I'll be walking you through step-by-step.

How To Frame Out Your Year - An advanced technique that will allow you to know at any given time what you're marketing - NOT JUST FOR PINTEREST!

Why I Created My Own Planner - Instead of having 3 planners to keep track of my content, my CEO-level goals and stats, and a regular dated planner - I now have it all in one place - see inside!

How To Create Space For Important Passion Projects - Batching allows you to create important space for high-level projects, education, and growing your business.

What's included?

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Training Assets
Batching Content Planning System Slides
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AirTable Content Catalog
Batching Content Planning System - Training Webinar
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**BONUS TRAINING** Batching Pinterest Content with Tailwind Video
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