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Opt-Ins (also called Lead Magnets, Freebies, Incentives, etc.) are the best and quickest way to grow your email list with your own content.

There a lots and lots of ideas for what to create an opt-in with (checklists, EBooks), which is all fine and dandy, but this course is specifically for those of you who don't know how to take full advantage of those sign-ups after they get their opt-in.

Please, please, please - don't just feed them into a general list. You need to nurture and care for those people - they WANT to get to know you and why they should (eventually) buy from you.

Maybe you kind of know what you should do, but the idea of forms, sequences, and tagging is so confusing you take the path of least resistance and deal with the hassle with reinventing the wheel every time you create an opt-in.


I got you Rockstar.

How To Use This Course:

  1. Watch the Welcome Video below.
  2. Click on the next section to download your Opt-In Awesomeness Workbook. It has a checklist for you to follow along and will help you create one for your own opt-in process.
  3. Watch the walk-through video! It follows the workbook for a first-hand look at the step-by-step checklist.
  4. Start and stop the video as often as you need to take notes and implement your own opt-in.
  5. Check the FAQs section if you have questions or need to adjust this method for your business/tools.

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Opt-In Awesomeness

A system to build your list so you can convert signups to sales!

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