Pin Power Method™ by Cara Chace

Pin Power Method™


Don’t you want marketing your business to be easier and less confusing?

Are you completely overwhelmed by all the information out there on Pinterest marketing? Are you burnt out on creating content, but not having an organized system to market that content well? Not knowing what to pin and falling behind on your content marketing is a super common problem.

You’re not alone and we’re here to help.

Go From Confusion To Clarity With PIN POWER METHOD™


Get in-depth support on our live sessions. We’ll answer your questions so you don’t get stuck.


We’ll show you how to stay ahead of your content marketing so you aren’t stressed and playing catch up.


You’ll be confident you’re always up to date on how to use Pinterest the best way for your business.

Designed for Online Entrepreneurs

Training for E-Commerce + Content Creators

You’re about to cut through the overwhelm to learn how to market your business on Pinterest - with the community support and training to help you put your plans into action.


What is the Pin Power Method™ Process?


Begin with the full version of our Pin Power Roadmap™ so you start learning one step at a time. Know you’re not missing any essentials and set yourself up for success.


Take your Pinterest marketing skills to the next level with specific and advanced training, like E-Commerce, affiliate marketing, and Promoted Pins.


Create a systemized process for your Pinterest marketing, and how it works best for your business, so you can stay consistent - or train someone to do it for you.

What Makes Pin Power Method™ Unique?

We do things differently around here...

  • Pin Power Method™ is not a one-and-done course. You know - the ones that are outdated in weeks, provide no support, and leave you feeling burnt out and frustrated?

  • Pin Power Method™ is the only membership community designed for online entrepreneurs, to teach, connect, and keep you up-to-date on all things Pinterest while we grow your business.

  • Pin Power Method™ is a system for how to create an organized plan for your Pinterest marketing that actually makes a difference in your business.

  • You’ll get complete training + education on everything you need to make Pinterest work for you - including email marketing, affiliate sales, graphic design, Promoted Pins and so much more!

  • It’s the place to go to learn how to build your business using Pinterest.

  • And it’s packed with in-depth training and resources to help you learn, build, and grow a successful sales and marketing funnel with Pinterest.

  • Pin Power Method™ is about YOU learning what a marketing funnel even is, so you can create one with Pinterest (based on hard data) that builds your email list and gets you sales… so you can get back to your life and what you love doing.

  • You'll know exactly how to spend your time and focus with Pinterest to build your website traffic and email list.

  • PLUS the community feedback and support to ensure you turn those big ideas into implementing and action.

  • You'll come out the other side empowered, inspired, and with a CEO mindset.

Take a Look Inside

What Are You Going To Learn?

Basics | Best Practices

Content Planning | Batching

Graphic Design | Branding

Everything Tailwind

Pinning + Repinning Strategies

Google + Pinterest Analytics

Opt-Ins | Lead Magnets

Email Marketing

E-Commerce | Shopify

Promoted Pins

Affiliate + Holiday Marketing

Pinterest as a VA

More Membership Bonuses:

Monthly Live Training Q+A Sessions

Access to other courses by Cara Chace

Extensive Resource Library

Guest Expert Training

40% Affiliate Commission

10% off 1:1 Services

Exclusive Facebook Community

🧡Love Letters from Pin Power Method™ Members🧡

Thanks to Cara I have gained the clarity and understanding how to lead an efficient Pinterest campaign that leads to conversions and a great ROI! Thank you so much for all of your help so far! 
Michal K.
Cara is full of awesome tips to help grow your business, for both Pinterest and Google Analytics. I can’t thank her enough and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to take full advantage of Pinterest’s potential! 
Ashley M.
Thanks again for all your help with my pinning strategy. You are the first instructor to actually help me come up with one. Everyone else just shows how to schedule things in Tailwind with no strategy. 
Christina P.
“Pin Power Method™ is very well structured with a thorough step-by-step approach and amazing how-to video content.

Cara keeps us in-the-know with Pinterest’s best practices, new rules, and algorithm changes. Cara is BRILLIANT at Pinterest... she captures the essence of this specific platform and teaches us how to successfully use Pinterest for business. Lucky to have found her!”
Magda R.
“Pinterest is something that I know I need to do but had no idea how to go about it.

Cara and the Pin Power Method™ program has been instrumental in me moving forward with doing it the right way from the beginning.

She holds me accountable and it’s like having my own personal consultant without having the cost of one!”
Sami B.
"I worked with Cara in Pin Power Method™ and got AMAZING results. I implemented step by step from her lessons and found a strategy THAT WORKS for my business products AND services. PPM isn’t a course. It’s a long term strategy that gets results."
Cat P.
“There aren’t many people that get Pinterest the way Cara does. When she speaks “Pinterest” - I listen. There is an untapped opportunity on Pinterest + Cara is dialed in.”
Amber M.
“Cara breaks down the key areas of your Pinterest strategy you should be optimizing to turn your account into one of your biggest revenue streams. She’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t do this sooner.”
Kristen B.
"Cara will ROCK YOU into the stratosphere with her killer Pinterest skills. I hadn't realized how powerful Pinterest can be for your business until I worked with Cara."
Galicia V.

Join Us Inside


Recurring payment - cancel anytime.
Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.


BEST VALUE: Get 2 months free ($98) when you join on an annual subscription!
Hassle-free 30 day money back guarantee.


I back up everything I’m offering to you 100%, so I’m going to take on all the risk! I’m confident you are going to love Pin Power Method™ and the training and support you’ll receive. If you don’t feel like you’ve received value and you decide it’s not a great fit for you anytime in the first 30 days after joining, let me know and I’ll send you a prompt refund. No hassles or hoops to jump through. Need to cancel or change your membership? Super easy to do with 2 clicks in your account settings.

Meet Cara - Your Fearless Leader

The Pin Power Method™ was created by Cara Chace, CEO of Chace Digital, to help online entrepreneurs cut through the confusion of marketing their business on Pinterest. She started in social media in 2011 by managing 13 million fans across 17 social media accounts for a worldwide band. Since then, she's gone on discover what makes a fantastic digital marketing strategy for online entrepreneurs by teaching how Pinterest fits into that strategy and creating lots of lightbulb moments. You can learn more about her totally crazy career changes HERE.

Is Pin Power Method™ Right For You?

Pin Power Method™ Is NOT For:

People who are looking for a get-rich quick solution - Pinterest is a slow burn and if you can’t invest the time to do it right, we’re not the place for you! If you watched a YouTube video for how to make millions with a Shopify dropship store in a month, please don’t enroll.

Shiny-object chasers - if you are always looking for the magic pixie-dust solution to your marketing woes but never follow through, this won’t work for you either.

Someone who can’t manage the back office of their business. An online marketing strategy takes some tech know-how and while we’ll help you find the solution as best we can, we are not tech support.

People expecting guaranteed results. We know what we teach works because we’re doing it for ourselves and our clients. Every business is different and no two marketing strategies will look the same, so we can’t promise specific results.


Pin Power Method™ Is For:

Online entrepreneurs who have an existing website and/or online store and want to drive more traffic to their offers.

Small business owners who are looking to build their email list by providing their audience with valuable, engaging information.

CEOs who want to dig into the data behind their business so they can better understand the holes in their marketing funnels and fix them.

People who already know they need to use Pinterest as a real marketing strategy, and are ready to devote 1-2 hours per week learning.

Action takers who go beyond watching training videos and downloading workbooks - they implement strategies consistently. We provide you everything you need, but you still need to do the work!

Pin Power Method™ FAQs

What if I'm overwhelmed with ideas to grow my business and I don't know where to start?

First of all - congrats! You know your business is ready to grow and that's no small thing.

Feeling overwhelmed is actually a sign that you’re looking for answers. It means you’ve been doing the work, testing your ideas, learning what you can get your hands on, and learning lessons about being an entrepreneur.

Now, you’ve got to remember that what got you here won’t get you there.

If you’re finding yourself overwhelmed and unsure of how to make your marketing really work for you with MORE EASE and less stress, it’s time for a change.

Your job isn’t to keep doing more - more hours, more tasks, more social media - it’s to do less with more focus.

When you join Pin Power Method™, we walk you through a proven process to build your Pinterest marketing foundation to be streamlined, consistent, and predictable.

It's easy, effective, and foolproof!

I haven't really even started with Pinterest. Should I join Pin Power Method™ first?

What a great place to be! Building a Pinterest profile with a strong foundation from the get-go is often easier than trying to back-track and fix mistakes.

You know the phrase, “Do it right the first time”?? That totally applies here and it’s yours to take advantage of.

Just by checking out Pin Power Method™, it’s clear you’re a smartypants that knows the fastest way to get results is to get the support and training you need to shortcut the process.

With Pin Power Method™, you learn a proven system to flip your website traffic and email opt-in funnel to “autopilot” - with minimal checking in to make sure all systems are go.

You don’t need to have thousands of Pinterest followers or be on tons of group boards. You need Pinterest, your website, and an email program. That’s it.

Through the Pin Power Method™ learning process, we’re going to focus on what works best for you so you can work SMARTER and shorten that learning curve. You won’t have to figure this out alone.

It's as simple as following the steps and tapping into our community for feedback and support!

How long before I can expect to see results?

Let me first say this - Pin Power Method™ is NOT a get rich quick, six-figure launch in 30 days kind of program. There is no magic pixie dust for building a sustainable, working marketing funnel!

If you found your way here to make millions in a month or two with your Shopify store, Pin Power Method™ is not for you!

You could see a jump in traffic and emails in weeks, if you get laser focused on learning and taking action on the Pin Power Method™ strategy. You could have the results I did - dramatically increasing your email list by simply identifying your traffic-driving content and tweaking it to this system.

However, most students can expect to see results in the 4-6 months following Pin Power Method™, especially for those in the startup stage or taking their business in a new direction.

The keys to big results with Pin Power Method™ is putting it into action and being consistent.

When you’re an entrepreneur, the faster you can pivot, make decisions, and implement, the faster you are going to get to the other side of seeing results.

One of the best things about Pinterest is it’s a long-game marketing strategy. Like the blog story I told you a couple of days ago, Pinterest can drive traffic and get you email subscribers YEARS after you publish a piece of content.

In short - you don’t need a quick fix. You need a clear, easy marketing growth strategy and action plan.

How is Pin Power Method™ different than other Pinterest courses out there?

I am not the first person to offer a Pinterest training course, and I will not be the last. What I CAN tell you, is that Pin Power Method™ was the FIRST PINTEREST MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY out there, and it's the most comprehensive, complete training on Pinterest I have seen offered.

So many courses get outdated almost overnight. It's so frustrating to invest in a course, and have it not stay up to date with current best practices.

It's even more frustrating when the course if full of "hacks" and questionable techniques to game the Pinterest alogrithm - almost guaranteeing you'll fail or get your account shut down.

Pin Power Method™ is constantly updated with the latest best practices, platform changes, and news.

Not only does this training take you through the Pinterest basics, it guides you through:

  • Current best practices.
  • The tricky stuff like setting up Rich Pins and Conversion Tags.
  • How to use both Pinterest Analytics and Google Analytics to know what's working.
  • Workflows and strategies for pinning and re-pinning.
  • Graphic design for your pins.
  • Email marketing for your Pinterest audience.
  • All about Tailwind, SmartLoop, and Tribes.
  • How to get started with Promoted Pins.
...and so much more!

Inside Pin Power Method™, our focus is making sure you have ALL the pieces of the marketing puzzle required to make Pinterest work for you and your business.

This means going beyond Pinterest, into how it works with all other aspects of your business - like content strategy and email marketing.

You’ll create a plug and play system you can use over and over again once the strategy is built.

I know this will turn off the people looking for that magic pixie dust easy-button.

That’s totally ok.

Because I’m here to serve and support entrepreneurs like YOU. The take-charge bosses who are ready to create a marketing funnel that grows their business - with proven systems that are clear and easy to do - to get you results.

Finally, Pin Power Method™ is different because I’ve added so much additional support to make sure you are getting what YOU need for your business.

Pin Power Method™ is a complete, updated training AND the guidance and support you need!

Do I really have time for Pin Power Method™?

For entrepreneurs especially - almost nothing is more valuable than your time.

You need a clear, easy marketing strategy to increase your return on investment with your time.

So I’m going to answer your question with a question…

Is your desire for growth and ease more important than the rut of being in the day-to-day of your business?

You have to make a shift.

Pin Power Method™ was created with 1 goal in mind: TAKING ACTION.

Each module in the training library inside Pin Power Method™ is broken into smaller lessons you can take step-by-step to continue your momentum and implement this system.

When you enroll in Pin Power Method™, you’ll be guided by the Pin Power Roadmap™ so you know exactly how to spend your time.

The roadmap is easy, effective, and foolproof.

Every entrepreneur and business is different, but you can expect to complete the Pin Power Roadmap™ and implement this system in about 90 days if you spend an hour or so a week doing the work and taking action.

The simple truth is - the more you put IN to Pin Power Method™, the more you’ll get OUT of it!

If you're really gung-ho about making Pinterest work for you, you can set aside 2-3 hours per week and see results quicker.

It’s a small time investment when you realize you’ll be setting up a system that can more than increase your email list more than two-fold in a year.

And I mean really, you know the last time you sat down to watch Netflix you looked up and it was 2-3 hours later. Soooo...yeah.

Where is the Pin Power Method™ community hosted?

For ease of use, we host our private community on Facebook.

Can you remind me what we'll cover inside Pin Power Method™?

For sure!

When you join this membership:

  • You’ll learn how to use Pinterest strategically as a business (not just for recipes and home decor).
  • You’ll set up Pinterest and your website to talk to each other so you know what content is driving the most traffic.
  • You’ll create your own branded Pin templates (or use the done-for-you templates I’ve included) so you gain the brand recognition you deserve.
  • You'll learn how to use Tailwind to take your re-pinning strategy to a whole new level.
  • You’ll create a pinning and re-pinning strategy that keeps your profile fresh and new eyes on your content.
  • You’ll systemize the workflow between Pinterest, your website, and your email list.
  • You’ll learn how to take advantage of Tailwind Tribes, SmartLoop and product pins.
  • You’ll learn how to create, manage, and analyze Promoted Pin campaigns and understand conversion tracking.
  • Plus you’ll get templates, swipe files, action sheets, and checklists to make it even easier to put this all together!

Do I get personal support and access to Cara?

YES! I want to really get to know YOU and your business (in fact, one of your first steps when you enroll is to fill out a questionnaire so I can start learning about you and your business).

Your business, your experience, your voice, is uniquely you - and I know that I can help you apply what you’re going to learn in Pinterest PowerUp to fit you and your business.

Lots of business owners get stuck because they don't know how to apply general strategies to their specific business.

I got you - that extra guidance and brainstorming is my favorite thing to do with our members.

We'll even help you nail down your Pin graphics inside our communtiy.

I can't wait to see the lightbulb turn on for you when you realize what a game-changer Pinterest is going to be for you, and how exactly to use it.

Members get lots of personal support, including monthly live traning q+a calls, and feedback on things like pin graphics. When you show up in our online community you can be sure you’ll get focused coaching and the answers you need.

Bottom line is this: If you been looking for the best way to grow your website traffic and email list, but you want more support and a mentor and community to cheer you on, Pinterest PowerUp could be a perfect fit for you.

I know that the #1 reason most entrepreneurs struggle to take action is they lack access to knowledge AND support.

That’s why Pin Power Method™ was built around proven steps and a personal community ready to help you realize your GREATEST potential as a super smart CEO.

Do I get a personal review/audit of my Pinterest strategy?

No, you will not receive any one-to-one auditing of your Pinterest profile or any of your accounts. Cara offers personal training and services if you need that level of review.

We are able to answer questions inside our Monthly Live Training Q+A sessions though!

Is it really risk free?


I don’t want you to be left with the bill unless Pin Power Method™ is your next step towards a marketing funnel that grows your business.

That is why I’m giving you a FULL 30 DAYS to put Pin Power Method™ into action before making the final commitment.

Can I cancel at anytime?

That would make us very sad but we know that’s the nature of membership programs. If you pay monthly, you can cancel at anytime. If you pay yearly, you will have received a discount to pay for the year up front. You may cancel and receive a refund at the non-discounted rate. It's two clicks and super easy.

Will I still have access to the materials if I cancel?

No. Your membership entitles you to enter the members area and access the content there released prior and during the duration of your membership. If you cancel or do not renew your membership you will no longer be able to access the content inside Pin Power Method™.

I still have questions, Cara. Can I reach out?

Absolutely! I want you to feel confident in your decision to join us. Email me at and ask away!

Not quite ready?

Don’t leave empty handed!
Start learning for free with the Pin Power Roadmap™ + Bonus Video!