Pinterest PowerUp: Training Library by Cara Chace
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Pinterest PowerUp: Training Library

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Pinterest News + Updates + Tools
Pinterest in the News
Pinterest Links + Tools
Pinterest Tag Instructions
304 KB
Pinterest Terms + Jargon
Stage 1: Getting Started
Building Strong Foundations - PSR
Pinterest Basics + Content Planning Training
28 mins
Pinterest Basics + Best Practices Slides
7.9 MB
BONUS: How I plan my time before the to do list
18 mins
Pinterest Graphics + Branding
PPU February Graphics + Branding Training
13 mins
Photoshop Pin Templates for PPU
59 MB
Guest Expert Kara Fidd: Graphic Design
56 mins
The Social Media Template Toolkit - by Kara Fidd
Tailwind + Pinning Strategies
How To Create a Tailwind SmartLoop for Your Best Pins Video Tutorial
14 mins
How We Complete a Client Queue
19 mins
All About Tailwind Tribes
17 mins
Batching Pinterest Content with Tailwind Video
(1h 43m 45s)
Google + Pinterest Analytics
Custom Pinterest Analytics Dashboard
Pinterest Analytics Training
29 mins
Google Analytics Training
14 mins
Update to Pinterest Analytics 25APR19
9 mins
Opt-Ins + Lead Magnets
Opt-Ins Training
20 mins
Opt-In Awesomeness Workbook CHACE DIGITAL LLC.pdf
62.1 KB
3 mins
61.7 KB
Video Walk-Through
35 mins
Guest Expert Cat Paterson: Build Your List with Quizzes
32 mins
Quiz Decision Map
75.2 KB
Email Marketing
Email Marketing Training PPU.mp4
30 mins
Affiliates + E-Commerce
Helpful Links + Articles
Affiliates + ECommerce
18 mins
Key Takeaways
Shopify and Pinterest with Elle McCann
29 mins
Pinterest + Shopify Implementation Guide
419 KB
Final points about Shopify, Etsy, + E-Commerce
8 mins
Holiday Marketing
Creating Seasonal Content No Matter Your Niche!
Promoted Pins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Biz Account and Claim Website
10 mins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Conversion Tags
17 mins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Custom Audiences
18 mins
Choosing What To Promote
11 mins
Setting Up a Traffic Campaign
23 mins
Traffic Campaign Adjustments
12 mins
Traffic Campaign Final Results + Discussion
6 mins
Pinterest VA Training
Pinterest VA Resources
Pinterest Client Onboarding Checklist by Cara Chace
7.63 MB
Pinterest VA Training
27 mins

Digital Marketing w/ Pinterest Strategies for Online Entrepreneurs