Pinterest Content Marketing Planner by Cara Chace

Pinterest Content Marketing Planner

It combines everything I need as a CEO + Pinterest Marketer:
Full 2020 dated planner
Pinterest seasonal + evergreen trends
Holidays (hashtags + regular)
Action items + tips for your Pinterest + Tailwind profiles
Stats tracker + housekeeping checklist
Yearly + Quarterly goal planning
Monthly planning (dashboard, themes, + content)
Weekly planning (dashboard, meetings, + to-do's)
Plenty of space for notes, doodles, habit tracking, + mandala coloring

Purchase of the PCMP gets you:
Full 2020 planner in pdf format to print or download
Access to the PCMP mini-course to help you use it

What's included?

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Pinterest Content Marketing Planner
Terms + Conditions
Pinterest Planner Content Marketing Planner.pdf
615 MB
How To Print Your Planner
Print on Demand
Print at Home
How To Use The Pinterest Content Marketing Planner
Break The Ice: Just Start
National + Hashtag Holidays
Plan for seasonal trends on Pinterest
Pinterest Housekeeping List
Live PCMP Workshop + Walk-through
(1h 11m 53s)
Example Pages
[PCMP Example Page] 2020 Year at-a-glance
278 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Quarterly Goals
305 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Month at-a-glance
125 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Monthly Stats Tracker + Checklist
299 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Goals + Habits Tracker
284 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Weekly Dashboard
233 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Daily Plan 1
211 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Daily Plan 2
213 KB
[PCMP Example Page] Daily Plan 3
208 KB
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