Pin Power Method™: Training Library by Cara Chace
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Pin Power Method™: Training Library

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Pinterest News + Updates + Tools
Pinterest in the News
Pinterest Links + Tools
Pinterest Tag Instructions
304 KB
Pinterest Terms + Jargon
Stage 1: Getting Started
Building Strong Foundations - PPR
Pinterest Basics + Best Practices Slides
7.9 MB
BONUS: How I plan my time before the to do list
18 mins
Create a Pin on Pinterest Tour
2 mins
January Monthly Live Training
(1h 00m 29s)
January Audio File.mp3
(1h 00m 29s)
Hashtags on Pinterest
6 mins
Stage 2: Know Your Data
Custom Pinterest Analytics Dashboard
Pinterest Analytics Training
29 mins
Google Analytics Training
14 mins
Update to Pinterest Analytics 25APR19
9 mins
Stage 3: Keywords + Graphics
PPU February Graphics + Branding Training
13 mins
Guest Expert Kara Fidd: Graphic Design
56 mins
The Social Media Template Toolkit - by Kara Fidd
Creating Pin Graphics in Canva
14 mins
February Audio File.mp3
60 mins
February Monthly Live Training.mp4
60 mins
Stage 4: Create Your System for Pinterest Content
Pinterest Content Marketing Dashboard
8 mins
PPM Pinterest Content Library Dashboard.xlsx
74.4 KB
Creating Your Batching System in Tailwind
37 mins
Tailwind Guides + Best Practices
Cleaning up Tailwind
13 mins
How To Regenerate Your Tailwind SmartSchedule for Pinterest
Creating a Pin in Tailwind
10 mins
How To Create a Tailwind SmartLoop for Your Best Pins Video Tutorial
14 mins
How We Complete a Client Queue
19 mins
All About Tailwind Tribes
17 mins
Batching Pinterest Content with Tailwind Video
(1h 43m 45s)
March Monthly Live Training (Part 1 + 2)
(1h 22m 04s)
March Audio File (Part 2)
(1h 22m 04s)
Stage 5: Growing Your Funnel
Lead Magnet Training Slides
10.7 MB
Opt-Ins Training
20 mins
3 mins
61.7 KB
Video Walk-Through
35 mins
Guest Expert Cat Paterson: Build Your List with Quizzes
32 mins
Quiz Decision Map
75.2 KB
Email Marketing Training PPU.mp4
30 mins
Affiliates + E-Commerce
Helpful Links + Articles
Affiliates + ECommerce
18 mins
Key Takeaways
Shopify and Pinterest with Elle McCann
29 mins
Pinterest + Shopify Implementation Guide
419 KB
Final points about Shopify, Etsy, + E-Commerce
8 mins
Holiday Marketing
Creating Seasonal Content No Matter Your Niche!
Promoted Pins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Biz Account and Claim Website
10 mins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Conversion Tags
17 mins
Getting Ready for Promoted Pins - Custom Audiences
18 mins
Choosing What To Promote
11 mins
Setting Up a Traffic Campaign
23 mins
Traffic Campaign Adjustments
12 mins
Traffic Campaign Final Results + Discussion
6 mins
Additional Links for Promoted Pins
Pinterest VA Training
Pinterest VA Resources
Pinterest Client Onboarding Checklist by Cara Chace
7.63 MB
Pinterest VA Training
27 mins
Guest Expert Training
Andrea Jones Savvy Social School
60 mins

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